Bockrath Gallery Closed at the End of 2014


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2026 Murray Hill Road
Cleveland, Oh 44106

"Closing Celebration"
November 19, 6-10 pm 2004
Bockrath Gallery will be closing its doors at the end of December, 2004.
Come help us celebrate nine successful years of business.
As appreciation for all of your support over the years I will be offering 10 -75% discounts on all available work!

After nine successful years of business Gallery will be closing it's doors at the end of December, 2014. After having my second child I have found it a challenge to balance raising two children, paint and run the gallery. I could never have imagined the fulfillment I would realize in watching my children grow and having an active role in their daily development. As a result of my desire to be present and involved in their early growth, I have decided to focus my career and valuable spare time on the exploration and creation of new ideas in my own artwork. While I will leave the business of running an art gallery, I remain committed to the evolution, growth, and advancement of my career as an artist. When I am ready to show again, which will be in the near future, I will notify you where I will be showing.





November 7 - December 20, 2003

Opening Reception:
Friday, November 7, 6-9pm

"Dashboard's Intermission "

"From The Driver's Seat"

"Shades of Light"
paintings by:
Lissa Bockrath
November 15 - December 24, 2002

"Curtain Call "

"Blaze Of Night"

"Diminishing Returns "


"Blurred Reality"
November 16- December 24, 2001
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"The World Is Not Flat"

"Hurry Up And Wait"

"Urban Visions"
November 27- December 24, 2000

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"Hidden in Ochre Grasses"
36"x42" Oil on Photograph

"Acid Rain"

36"x42" Oil on Photograph

"Beacons of Strength"
Oil on Photograph


In appreciation for the friendships formed, support and incredible times we have shared in the gallery, I will be having a closing party November 19 from 6-10pm. Not only will this be a celebration but there will also be works available that will be pulled from my archives. It will be with mixed emotions that we will celebrate nine wonderful years of business during which I have met some of the most amazing people (including my husband). The conversations, shared memories and wonderful friendships that have developed will not be forgotten. In my appreciation I will be offering all of you 10%-75% discounts on the remaining available works. (This discount will not be available until November 19th).

While it is difficult to say good-bye to this chapter of my life, I am looking forward to what the future brings. It won't be long before you will be able to view my work again at future shows (just at a different locale). I look forward to seeing you at the farewell party! And most importantly - thanks to all of you.

With warm regards,
Lissa Bockrath

I attended the Closing Ceremony for the Bockrath Gallery with some friends who were avid collectors. They bought several pieces that evening to add to their growing collection of art and sculpture. I had come to help my parents move into a retirement home and visit friends I hadn't seen since I moved to New York City. I also ended up doing some early Christmas shopping at the Donauschwaben German-American Cultural Center's Annual Craft and Food Bazaar I stayed through Thanksgiving. When I returned to my apartment on the lower east side of Manhattan, I was greeted with a lovely mess in the living room. A chagrined dog sitter explained that my dog had digested some chocolate. Maxie had the classic signs of chocolate poisoning: vomiting and diarrhea, increased thirst, panting or restlessness, and excessive urination- in the house. The sitter had rushed Maxie to the Animal Medical Center where the vets were able to stabilize him by administering medications to induce more vomiting and the administration of activated charcoal to block absorption of the obromine into the body. Maxie was fine, but they wanted him back for a follow up the next week. Meanwhile I had a stained and smelly carpet to deal with. Short story, everything turned out ok after some initial stress. My friends sent me one of the pictures they had bought the night of the Bockrath Gallery Closing Ceremony. It was one that I had admired. That was really more than generous of them. They had included a note with the artwork, saying that they were planning to come to NYC for New Years. I immediately insisted they stay with me. When I discovered that the domain was available for the Bockrath Gallery I bought it with the intent of creating one page from the site's archived pages and taking the domain once again live as a homage to this gallery and my friends from Cleveland.


Bockrath Gallery was founded in January of 1995 in order to provide a forum for contemporary art in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Upon graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art the gallery's director, Lissa Bockrath, searched for a representative space to show her own emerging work. Once faced with the realization that there was a dearth of contemporary galleries in Cleveland, Bockrath took it upon herself to create a space that she deemed conducive to more modern styles of work.

The resulting gallery, now in its sixth year of operation, has emerged as a showcase for artists, both national and international, working in various mediums and styles. While many styles are reflected in the work shown, the gallery places a strong emphasis on painting and mixed mediums. Works exhibited in the past consist of varying formats such as computer generated images, prints, video, and other forms of non-traditional media. Bockrath remains committed to providing the Cleveland art scene with a cutting edge vision of the worlds emerging and established contemporary art.

The gallery, located in Little Italy, lies in the cultural hub of the city. Within one square mile sit the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Center for Contemporary Art, Severance Hall and the remainder of the city's prominent museums. Little Italy has emerged as the pre-eminent neighborhood for the gallery scene in the city. Containing over thiry five studios and galleries, the neighborhood provides an eclectic setting for a great variety of art. Within the brick streets and historic buildings, lies the former Murray Hill School House, which is home to fifteen studios and galleries. (Directions) The art community in Little Italy is home to the largest and longest running art walks in the city, held three times a year, the first weekends in June, October, and December.

Bockrath Gallery sits in the boiler room of the old school house in a fresh, remodeled space. Visitors are ushered down a thirty-foot ramp and into a multi-level space. Throughout this sleek, modern space are remnants of the space's history such as the old boiler doors and obsolete steam valves. The gallery has as many as six shows a year and is open Wednesday-Saturday 12-5, Sunday 1-5 (November-December only) and by appointment (216-721-5990). For upcoming and current exhibitions please see the "current exhibition" link.